about Us

Keep Pushing, Inc. was established September 20, 2018 and incorporated on Oct. 16, 2019 in the State of Missouri. Keep Pushing, Inc. Mission is “To connect the unhoused to resources to assist them to transition back into homes”. Our Vision is “To foster a better way and value lives for the unhoused community through community events and outreach services. Over the past year, Keep Pushing, Inc. have empowered many lives throughout the community. Additionally, Keep Pushing, Inc. have partner with eight different organizations. THE GRAB N GO TABLE WAS STARTED APRIL 3, 2020 DURING COVID-19 TIME. The Grab N Go table became an essential part of families of the Maplewood and surrounding municipalities. Within a year, the Grab N Go table had given food and household essential to over 5,000 people per month, assisted with bill payments of 125 families, and paid cars repairs for 6 families all within the 61 cities we serve. Another vital instrument was getting 5 homeless people from Maplewood of the street into housing. In addition, Keep Pushing, Inc. has furnished 10 families Homes and assisted five homeless people from Maplewood get off the street. In the past 2 years, in St Louis Missouri, Keep Pushing, Inc. has reached many milestones and accomplished so much. Keep Pushing, Inc has given out over 3500 hygiene kits, feed over 2000 Unhoused families, provided shoes and clothing to over 600 unhoused families and found shelter/homes for more than 65 people. Keep Pushing, Inc have provided medical and physical wellness are over 365 unhoused families and connected over 25 families with resources to furnish homes.