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Our Founder

Our Founder

Shana Poole-Jones

Ms. Shana Poole- Jones is a native of Albany, GA. She is the daughter of Jessie J. Poole and Delores M. Fears. Ms. Poole-Jones has one son (Nathaniel Brown) and two bonus sons Demarcus Carter and Tristan Whigham. Ms. Poole-Jone's formal educational experience started in the Dougherty County School system where she graduated from Dougherty Comprehensive High School. She was fortune to attend Agnes Scott College enrichment program in Business Management. 

After graduation, she attended Wilberforce University and majored in Business Marketing. After being in a tragic accident Ms. Poole-Jones continued her schooling at Albany State University. Ms. Poole-Jones has traveled throughout the U.S. She opened her first two businesses, Paw Palace and Scootez Detailing Shop in Albany, GA. She is also a licensed veterinarian Technician. 

After the death of her partner, Ms. Poole-Jones decided to take another venture in life. She was employed with Sanderson Farms as a logistic technician. Ms. Poole-Jones enjoyed this time in her life but felt as though something was missing. Her passion to serve others was not being met. Therefore, after 7 years with Sanderson Farms, she relocated to St Louis, MO. 

As soon as Ms. Poole-Jones relocated to St Louis MO she started her own Marketing Consultant Company, One Stop LLC. One Stop, LLC's mission was, To help entrepreneurs with resources to start up their adventure. One Stop, LLC launched its first event “1st Annual Family Reunion for the Unhoused." This event was held in downtown St Louis at 1520 Market St. The festival included over 30 different agencies with community resources. Resources ranged from assistant housing needs (HUD), medical needs (dental, eye), to social (counseling). In addition, free food, household supplies, and clothing items were provided. 


Later, in October 2019, Ms. Poole-Jones decided to devote all of her time and energy to serving her community full-time. She founded Keep Pushing, Inc. A non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to assist her community, both housed and unhoused with sustainable basic needs. Today, even during Covid-19, Keep Pushing, Inc. is striving and meeting its goals to provide for the St. Louis area Community. 

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