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Grab n Go

The Grab N Go Table is a unique table that gives our neighbors the opportunity to come and shop for food need and household needs. When you visit the Grab N Go Table you will get all the warm welcome in picking out your own food and supplies.


Financial Literacy

Our Financial Literacy program is here to help you safe pace getting your Finances back on the right track. We offer zoom classes and one on one meeting to coach you to Financial freedom.

Fitness Portrait

Health & Wellness

Our Health and wellness program is a program we focus on getting our neighbors back in Healthy Shape. We offer one on one counseling, fitness class, and nutrition classes

Support Us



As you know, Keep Pushing Inc. believes that we have the ability to make a difference in our community and are dedicated to serving neighbors.

Rental Assistance

If you need help with rent or mortgage apply for our rental assistance program

How can we help you?

If you need emergency assistance with Food, Hygiene and etc.

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